Medical herbalists do not simply dispense remedies - a complete treatment may also include dietary and lifestyle advice tailored to the patientís needs. Healing is a partnership between the patient, practitioner and the herbs. Whilst herbalists may have the same diagnostic skills as your GP, that is where the similarity ends as the herbalist will not only treat to suppress the symptoms but also attempt to identify the underlying cause and rid the body of disease.

Your first consultation typically lasts an hour during which a detailed case history is recorded and, if required, a physical examination is undertaken. Blood pressure, weight and height are measured and other diagnostic procedures are undertaken as appropriate, e.g. urinary analysis, lung function tests. Your follow up appointment is normally after 2 weeks with any subsequent consultations every 4-6 weeks to allow time for treatments to take affect. These follow up appointments take about half an hour. There can be no hard and fast rule about the length of treatment but generally the longer you have suffered from a compliant the longer it will take the body to heal itself. Children, with their dynamic metabolism, usually respond very quickly to herbal medicine. Degenerative conditions, such as osteoarthritis, cannot be cured but permanent low dose herbal medicine can relieve symptoms, improve the quality of life and reduce the need to take conventional drugs (beneficial in itself given the many unpleasant side-effects). In these cases frequent appointments would not be necessary once a successful treatment regime was achieved but a repeat prescription for medicines with bi-annual consultations to review your health would be appropriate.

The herbal treatment may be given to you in the form of: -
® Tinctures - these are taken with water or added to juice, a teaspoon three times daily
® Creams - especially for joint and skin problems,
® Teas - to drink or even bathe in!
® Syrups - usually for coughs and sore throats
® Capsules - containing dried herbs
® Pessaries or suppositories - for local conditions such as thrush or haemorrhoids.

The prescription will contain several herbs suitable for your symptoms and may change over time as your condition abates. Each medicine will be made up before you leave the clinic. Repeat prescriptions can be either sent by post or collected from the clinic, which ever is most convenient for you.

Fees are as follows:
Initial Consultation £40
Follow up appointments £25

Tinctures and syrups £5.00 per 100ml
Teas £2.50 per 100gm
Creams £2.50 per 30 gm

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