I am a qualified medical herbalist and member of both the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH) and the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy (CPP). I am also an experienced university lecturer in natural sciences.

Following disappointments in the ability of conventional medicine to treat my own medical problems I turned to complementary therapies. These proved not only beneficial to my health but the whole ethos of holistic diagnosis and treatment inspired me to learn more about them. It was my passion for the natural world and scientific understanding of that world which led me to study medical herbalism. I was a student for 4 years at the College of Phytotherapy, which was founded by the renowned Hein Zeylstra, one of the prime movers of modern herbal medicine. Its alumni include Simon Mills and Kerry Bone, leading practitioners in the field.

I operate out of 3 complementary therapy clinics situated in Girton (near Cambridge), St Ives and Royston(see Consultations section for details).

Care of the environment and its preservation are important to me so all the herbs I use come from sustainably managed sources and 90% are organic. I also grow a number of the herbs I use in my own garden.

I am very happy to give talks and presentations on the role of herbal medicine in making our lives healthier.